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Club Governance

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Postal Address: 
PO Box 6392 
East Perth WA 6892
Registered Association Number: A1001796J
ABN: 65 385 589 482
CCL: 20680

The Rotary Club of Heirisson was mooted in 1990. The first interest meetings were held in August 1990. Club charter member ‘inductions’ occurred in late November after Rotary International issued the club’s charter on 9 November 1990. Our charter was presented to the Club at its first ‘official’ meeting, its ‘charter night’ on Saturday 16 February 1991.

The Club’s incorporation was registered in Western Australia on 21 November 1991 under the Associations Incorporation Act 1987. The Club is a limited liability not-for-profit association, with a charitable and benevolent purpose.

Heirisson was formed as the first dual gender Rotary club in WA, to provide community and vocational service within the East Perth and wider community.

Our Club exists to encourage, promote and extend the Object of Rotary and to maintain the relationships of a member club in Rotary International.

The Constitution developed by the Club in 2005, to satisfy both the requirements of Rotary International and Western Australian legislation, is the model for Rotary Clubs in District 9455. It encompasses best practice in accountability and risk management.

All Rotary global, district and club leadership positions are renewed annually. Our Board elected each year by members oversees club and charitable operations. The Board generally meets monthly.

From our early years, Heirisson has led Rotary Clubs in Western Australia with its commitment to engage its members in developing strategic plans, and inform the future through comprehensive club histories or ‘year books’, that report annually on our activities and achievements.

And, of course, there’s the action. We are a service club. All members are encouraged to participate in at least one of the programs available. Many members are actively engaged in several programs or projects as their timetables allow throughout the year.

Our Club is exempt from payment of income tax (ABN: 65 385 589 482), but is registered for GST purposes. The Club has a Charitable Collections Licence (CCL: 20680) in WA.

Key Governance Documents

RIWheel-sml-20by20 Charter   RIWheel-sml-20by20 Constitution  RIWheel-sml-20by20 Incorporation  RIWheel-sml-20by20 Strategic Plan
Our Rotary Club Charter
– Click RCH-Charter-19901109.
Our Current Constitution
– Click RCH-Constitution-20130912-SGM-Final.
Our WA Incorporation Certificate
– Click RCH-IncorporationCertificate-20051201.
Our Current Strategic Plan
– Part 1 Click RCH-StrategicPlan-2013-14+Part1(V10), Part 2 Click RCH-StrategicPlan-2013-14+Part2(V10).

For our annual reports, club histories and other documents – See Publications.

Risk Management & Insurance

All major projects that Heirisson is (or has been) involved in, such as the Duck Derby, Place of Reflection or HeadQuarters, have had thorough risk assessments and control arrangements, often in specific risk management plans. Insurance coverage for the club and its activities is encompassed within Rotary’s standard insurance arrangements. [Download Certificate of Currency]


Updated: 2015-07