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  • AUG 31 - Jim Jenkinson - Nursing Homes
  • SEP 7 - Theodore De Gee Mode Group - Waste Disposal
  • 14 – DG Lindsay Dry at Rotary Club of Crawley (UWA Club)
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  • SEPTEMBER - Basic Education & Literacy Month
  • Oct 7 - Charity Auction Dinner @ Lake Karrinyup Country Club
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Meetings, Meetings, Meetings – Greetings!

Heirisson members believe in involving people and getting things done. We use modern technologies to coordinate much that we do, but sometimes things are better discussed ‘face to face’. In addition to our weekly meetings with great speakers each Thursday morning, other gatherings occur regularly that also get people involved, to discuss ideas and then take action. These include:

Monthly Board Meetings
Board meetings are attended by all directors (unless leave of absence is granted) and are open to members (as project leaders reporting progress etc or simply as observers), unless confidential matters are being discussed. Minutes of all routine monthly meetings are available to members. Urgent matters requiring decisions may be resolved by an eBoard meeting between physical meetings, if significant debate or deliberation is not essential.

Regular Directorate and Key Project Meetings
Heirisson operates, and actively involves members, through directorates and project teams, not ‘committees’. All members are encouraged to each commit to at least one directorate or major project. Sometimes friends of the club also participate in such activities. Directorates (and their underlying projects, programs and relationships) help strengthen accountabilities between the club, its directors and board, and the members and community we serve — while endeavouring to meet contemporary community expectations, and maintaining the highest Rotary standards.

Directorate (or key project) teams meet regularly (as circumstances require) to conceive, plan, discuss and execute projects, and to de-brief and report results. Some programs, projects and relationships simply require annual, bi-annual or quarterly review, others may need attention every week or so at some times, especially before critical dates etc. These meetings are usually scheduled for convenience of the widest group of participants, and now technologies (email, teleconferencing, blogging, share digital workspaces, Skype and other social media etc) are used to minimise the need for physical get-togethers.

Annual and Special General Meetings
Conventionally the club holds its Annual General Meeting to receive its audited accounts in October, and a Special General Meeting in December to elect office bearers for the following Rotary year. Every two years a General Meeting also endorses constitutional changes arising from Rotary International’s biennial Council on Legislation. All active members may vote on motions at general meetings.

District Gatherings
For various reasons, occasionally district gatherings are held. Working ‘meetings’ include the annual District Conference, President-Elect training seminars, District Assemblies, various district or state-wide programs, media or other workshops and other Rotary leadership, information and education training events. Sometimes these are combined with social activities or occasions. All Rotarians interested in these various events are generally welcome to participate at such events. For information on these event, see our District’s website.


Updated: 2015-08