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  • AUG 31 - Jim Jenkinson - Nursing Homes
  • SEP 7 - Theodore De Gee Mode Group - Waste Disposal
  • 14 – DG Lindsay Dry at Rotary Club of Crawley (UWA Club)
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  • SEPTEMBER - Basic Education & Literacy Month
  • Oct 7 - Charity Auction Dinner @ Lake Karrinyup Country Club
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Our Strategy

Heirisson’s strategy and operations exist to fulfil the Object of Rotary:

To encourage and foster the ideal of service as a basis of worthy enterprise

Our Vision Our Core Purpose Our Values Elevator Message
To make a difference in people’s lives locally and globally – doing our part to make the world safer, healthier, more peaceful and equitable. Community service locally and globally – sharing our good fortune with others and giving back.
  • High Ideals
  • Friendliness
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Acceptance
  • Commitment
Rotary is a community service organisation made up of people who work in a good-natured, mutually supportive way to make the world a better place.

Our Values

High Ideals
We believe in a better world and that we can make a difference
Being welcoming and creating a sense of belonging, fellowship and fun
Being caring and compassionate
Working respectfully with each other and with others
Embracing diversity and being inclusive and non-judgmental
Taking responsibility and honouring our commitments

What differentiates Heirisson?

At Heirisson we are known for:

  • A culture of fun, friendship and mutual support; and
  • The courage, commitment and capacity to take on large, complex, multi-year, high dollar value projects (eg: HeadQuarters Youth Facility; Place of Reflection in Kings Park; Claisebrook Carnivalé & Duck Derby).

For Heirisson, making a difference also involves:

  • Choosing projects where we can deliver the most tangible benefit;
  • Ensuring diversity (for example large and small projects; short and long term goals; ones that benefit many as well as others serving an individual in need);
  • Capacity to measure success and capacity to learn; and
  • Being business-like and focusing on leverage and return on our investment of time and resources – as well as working together with warmth, passion, fun and our irreverent Heirisson sense of humour.
We make a difference not only by providing emergency support, but also most importantly by empowering people to do things for themselves – creating sustainable change in their lives. 

At Rotary Club of Heirisson we support each other so we can support the community. Supporting each other involves:

  • Friendship, fellowship, fun and caring for each other;
  • Being part of a team of like-minded people; and
  • Bringing our talents together and creating synergies.

Rotary International is the framework; Heirisson is the culture.



Our Structure

Our Structure

Club Organisation Chart – Structure of Directorate & Project Responsibilities

Our Programs, Projects & Relationships

Projects are listed on this site by Directorate, or ‘Avenue of Service’.

RIWheel-sml-20by20Community Service Directorate RIWheel-sml-20by20Vocational Service (& Youth Programs) Directorate RIWheel-sml-20by20International Service Directorate (including Rotary Foundation)
RIWheel-sml-20by20Club Service Directorate (excluding Fundraising) RIWheel-sml-20by20Club Service Directorate (Fundraising) RIWheel-sml-20by20District Projects

These projects fall within three Key Result Areas:

RIWheel-sml-20by20KRA1 – Service RIWheel-sml-20by20KRA2 – Members RIWheel-sml-20by20KRA3 – Resources


Updated: 2015-07