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Heirisson Fundraising

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01-Club-Fundraising-CoinShootAny Rotary Club needs to fund its activities. Members’ fees and charges cover all costs of running the club’s operations and help a little in funding the service projects we do. For charitable activities in our community, internationally and vocationally (and to support many youth programs) we rely significantly on fund-raisers, donors and sponsors, and charitable collections from the general public, including from members and friends of the club. (The club holds a WA Charitable Collections License.)

New Money!

A variety of other fund-raising mechanisms are continually being explored. We’ve assessed the viability of placing collection boxes at Perth airports for loose change from travellers, particularly those leaving for or returning from overseas. (Foreign coin is usually worthless to individual travellers, because of exchange difficulties, but soon mounts up with thousands of visitors flying in and out of Perth.

We have considered a variety of ‘products’ (sausage sizzles, wine clubs, Christmas tree sales, sharemarket games) and events (film nights, car rallies, music concerts) over the years. A key consideration, as for all volunteer groups, is ‘value for effort’.


Fundraising Projects

Our fun(d)raising activities are diverse, but have over the years included:

Claisebrook Carnivalé & Duck Derby Heirisson hosts the Claisebrook Carnivalé & Duck Derby annually. It’s the biggest rubber duck race in town. In 2011, Telethon agreed to become a partner in the Duck Derby. Please contact us if you would like to be involved in future. Read more … 
Heirisson Golf Classic Members and friends get together for a social game of golf (really!), often followed by a celebratory function and auction with partners and guests, with proceeds going to general Heirisson projects. An earlier iteration of this event was a Tennis Day and the then new State Tennis Centre.
Gala Dinner and Auction A grand dinner with great food, wine, camaraderie … and auction items! A fun night for friends of Rotary in our local business and professional community. Proceeds support nominated Heirisson projects. Read more …
Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner? Members and partners host a dinner party for six to eight people. Hosts don’t know who will arrive at their door until they answer their bell. Guests take a bottle of wine for their hosts (and one for themselves), but don’t know where they are going until just before the event. Deep and meaningful discussions have been known to occur! Mostly it’s just a lot of fun!
Fines and Copperpot A home for that loose change we all collect in our pockets each week. But watch out for our Sergeant! With their ears to the ground, they know all the latest goss. The truth hurts, as only friends can deliver it; but you can pay more to share a tall story.
Perth Arena Coin Collection Box A collection box in the foyer of Perth Arena, inspired by Christopher Monckton’s very complex 1999 twelve-sided Eternity Puzzle (209 irregularly shaped pieces of equal area, based on equilateral triangles) on which the Arena’s design is based.
Wine Bottling and Sales In ‘the good old days’ before a glut in wine production meant that it was no longer a viable fundraiser, Heirisson bottled (or later labelled) wines from Paul Conti, Alkoomi, Piesse Brook, Broomstick Estate, Howard Park and Goundrey. Cases were sold by the dozens. There is no truth to the rumour that it was all consumed by members!
Investor Game A share-market gamed for students and others interested in learning more about how the stock-market worked. Funds raised primarily supported a Perth hospice.Such games are now online from the ASX and others.

Special function and events The club also arranges, or participates in, various social functions and events – generally within the Rotary family. (Somehow they nearly always seem to involve great food and wine?)These include the annual Ken Collins Address, Changeover Night, Christmas and New Year parties, and barbeques for Grand Final and other major sporting event, etc.Occasionally we attend events promoted by organisations that Rotary supports.Any proceeds support Rotary projects in our Club or District, or the causes promoting the event.

Note: The linked project descriptions are taken from the full Project Registration documents.


Updated: 2015-07