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Key Result Area 1: Service to Others – Locally and Globally

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We aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • We select a portfolio of projects which delivers best benefit, locally and globally, taking into account the interests, skills, capacity and networks of our members
  • Our projects promote Heirisson and/or Rotary thus building our capacity to make a difference locally and globally.
  • Our members are passionately engaged in delivering our projects.
  • The Heirisson board provides leadership in project governance and project portfolio management.

Performance Indicators

The following information will assist us to measure our performance:

The extent to which Rotary Club of Heirisson projects:

  • Make a measurable difference;
  • Have sustainable outcomes;
  • Achieve recognition for Heirisson and Rotary;
  • Achieve leverage and return on our investment of time and resources; and
  • Are fun to do and build fellowship, camaraderie and membership support.


  • Our members are compassionate people, passionate about making a difference for those in need.
  • Rotary Club of Heirisson has demonstrated capacity to deliver complex projects.
  • Our members have a wide range of knowledge, skills, experience and networks.
  • We continue to take lead roles in delivering Rotary District projects.
  • We have a high level of expertise within the club in strategic planning and project management.

Programs, Projects and Relationships (December 2013+)

 We deliver “Service to Others – Locally and Globally” through our portfolio of programs, projects, relationships and donations, as approved by our board in October 2013, or subsequently. Each approved project has is documented by a related project description.

Programs Projects Relationships
Community Service
  • Kimberley Dental Team (KDT)
  • Foodbank Christmas Appeal (Give a Feed)
  • Salvation Army Christmas Appeal
  • Place of Reflection
  • Support for Individuals & Families in Crisis
  • Foodbank WA
  • Jade Lewis & Friends
Vocational Service
(incl. Rotary Youth Programs & Initiatives)
  • GSHS Youth Initiatives
    (incl. RYLA, RYPEN, NYSF, 4 Way Speaking Competition etc)
  • FAB Award
  • Girrawheen Senior High School
  • Clontarf Academy
  • NYSF
  • Student Edge
  • Australian Rotary Health
International Service
(incl. Foundation)
  • Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE)#
  • Group Study Exchange (GSE)†
  • Vanuatu Water Supply
  • Stepping Out Cambodia
  • Huayjakan YCTC Thailand (Phase 1)
  • Australian Rotary Foundation
  • End Polio Now
  • Shelterbox
  • Wheelchairs for Kids
Club Service
  • Auction Dinner
  • Claisebrook Carnivalé & Duck Derby
Club Service
  • Membership Drive·    Communications Strategy
  • Website Redevelopment
  • National Youth Science Forum (NYSF)
  • Rotary Bowelscan


  • See “Strategic Plan – Project Descriptions (Part 2)” for a description of each of the above.
  • # Heirisson maintains and ongoing commitment to Youth Exchange. Each new student each year is a separate ‘project’.
  • † Group Study Exchange arrangements were changed by RI-TRF in 2014. As our District is no longer engaged in the GSE program, our club has suspended its involvement.


Each year Heirisson makes donations to a range of Rotary initiatives and other worthy causes. These currently include:

  • Rotary Foundation
  • End Polio Now (previously Polio Plus)
  • Shelterbox
  • Wheelchairs for Kids
  • Telethon (as part of the Claisebrook Carnivale & Duck Derby partnership)


Lead Responsibility

1.     Recognising that most of our projects require very small project teams, identify and develop a Flagship Project that:

  • Addresses a significant community need,
  • Provides direct engagement with, and/or feedback from, project beneficiaries; and
  • Has the capacity to involve the majority of Heirisson members.
Director Community
(with a Project Leader & Team)
2.     Develop our capacity to deliver a Portfolio of Projects which achieves best benefit for our size, and engages our members by:
a)    Maintaining and developing the process of Project Registrations and the Heirisson Board’s associated analysis of benefits, risks and governance requirements. Heirisson Board
b)   Where the Board is convinced a prospective new project merits Heirisson support, help the Project Champion make it happen. Appropriate Heirisson Director
c)    Helping our members to be more involved in projects by providing early information on project opportunities and talking one-to-one with prospective team members. Heirisson Directors
(with Project Leaders)
d)   Introducing a standard format for project planning. Heirisson Board
e)    Enhancing project reporting to the Board, project communication to Club members and celebration of milestones. Heirisson Directors
(with Project Leaders)
f)     Managing the Club’s Portfolio of Projects as to their overall benefits, resource requirements and member involvement. Heirisson Board
g)    Introducing the role of Process Officer to help maintain the new project processes (including the development of a Heirisson Project Management Manual). Heirisson Board
3.     Seek opportunities with our Club, other Rotary Clubs and our networks to involve our RYE students in service projects, thus shaping them for a future of making a difference for those in need. Rotary Youth Exchange Project Leader



 Updated: 2015-07