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Key Result Area 2: Members and Membership

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We aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Members have a strong sense of belonging and commitment to the Rotary Club of Heirisson.
  • Our members feel valued, cared for and supported.
  • Heirisson is a vibrant Rotary Club that attracts members who want to be part of a group of like-minded people making a difference locally and globally while enjoying friendship, fellowship and fun.
  • Heirisson and Rotary marketed effectively to prospective members.

Performance Indicators

The following information will assist us to measure our performance:

  • Annual Survey & Member Feedback
Level of satisfaction of members with the experience of being part of Rotary Club of Heirisson.
  • Target Number of Members:
We need 45 active members at any one time to deliver an effective Portfolio of Programs, Projects and Relationships while also enabling all our members to know one another. An “active member” is a member who participates regularly over a period of twelve months. In order to have 45 fully active members throughout each year we need a total of 60 members.
  • Target Age of Members:
Diversity, skill set, personal attributes and capacity to make a commitment are the key criteria for membership rather than a target average age. However, we recognise that if our overall membership is ageing there will be issues of energy levels and ability to attract young people. For this reason we need a mix of age groups in our membership.



  • Heirisson’s culture of fellowship and fun is attractive to current and prospective members.
  • Our culture of mutual support, which is outstanding at times of crisis in members’ lives, is a hallmark of Heirisson.
  • Our members are passionate about the sustainability of Rotary Club of Heirisson.

Soon after induction, newer members are asked to presented a vocational talk. These provide great insights into our members professional life, their passions and motivations that make them valuable members of our club.



Lead Responsibility

1.     Develop and deliver a marketing strategy that:

  • Develops the Heirisson brand and unique value proposition; and
  • Attracts new members.
Project Leader, Marketing
2.     Introduce a Membership Team led by the Heirisson Past President and:

  • Launch a membership drive;
  • Develop an induction program for new members; and
  • Allocate a mentor for each new member.
Heirisson Board
3.     Carry out an annual survey to understand members’ priorities and gain feedback on the Club’s operations, projects and fundraising. Heirisson Board
4.     Continue to enhance the culture of our Rotary Club and our capacity to engage and care for our members by: Heirisson Board
a)    Further developing Directorate meetings to be welcoming, vibrant and collaborative – engaging our members in delivering our Strategic Plan. Directors
b)   Further develop our communication strategy to create knowledge, understanding and engagement of our members in terms of Rotary, our Club, our Strategic Plan and Projects. Communication Coordinator
c)    Coordinating Club involvement in caring for and supporting members who are sick or facing challenges in life. Almoner
(with the President)
d)   Continuing to develop our social program to provide opportunities for celebration, fellowship and fun. Social Coordinator
e)    Supporting the Guest Speaker Coordinator to deliver an engaging, educational and entertaining guest speaker program. All members
(with Guest Speaker Coordinator)
f)     Monitoring weekly Rotary Club of Heirisson meetings to ensure they are vibrant, engaging; characterised by repartee and camaraderie; and professionally run. President
(with the Sergeant)


Updated: 2015-07