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Key Result Area 3: Resources and Funding

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We require funding for three purposes:

Welcome to Heirisson Rotary and all about our club!  03-RI-Pin-RILogo  03-RI-Pin-ServiceProjects
  • Running the Club
  • Meeting our Rotary International commitments
  • Delivering Heirisson’s Portfolio of charitable Programs, Projects and Relationships


Funding for Club Operations (‘Club Funds’) – for example: weekly meeting and overhead costs, change-over night, social events and consumables – must come from club members, not charitable fundraising or grants.


We aim to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Sound financial planning and budgeting that identifies Heirisson’s required income to deliver the Club’s Portfolio of Programs, Projects and Relationships, and to operate the Club.
  • Fundraising strategy aligned to our financial planning and budgeting.
  • Fundraising projects that promote Heirisson and Rotary and engage our members.
  • Allocation of funds and resources primarily to Heirisson projects.
  • Leverage of our networks and relationships to maximise our funding and resources for community benefit.
  • A high degree of knowledge and expertise in accessing grants, charitable foundations, sponsorships and donations.

Performance Indicators

The following information will assist us to measure our performance:

  • Capacity to meet funding targets.
  • The extent of member support for Heirisson fundraising projects.
  • A balanced mix of funding sources based on:
Funding Types Funding Strategies and Sources
Cash that can be used flexibly for Heirisson’s charitable projects.
  • Passive (eg: Collection box at the Perth Arena)
  • Fundraising events (funds may be publicly committed to specific initiatives, at our discretion)

The amount is limited to our fundraising capacity.

Funds that must be dedicated to specific projects and deliverables (no flexibility) Grants and Specific Donations, for example:

  • Lotterywest and other government grants
  • Charitable foundations
  • Rotary grants
  • Corporate sponsorships

Funding may be for major projects and involve significant amounts (eg: Lotterywest grants for HeadQuarters and Place of Reflection – over $1 million).



  • Demonstrated expertise in delivering fundraising projects and achieving fundraising targets.
  • Demonstrated expertise in accessing significant grants and donations.
  • Growing expertise in accessing funding sources for international projects.



Lead Responsibility

1.     Achieve alignment between budgeting, funding needs and fundraising effort by:
a)    Re-introducing financial planning and budgeting as part of the Club’s annual planning process to identify:

  • Funding required for projects and Club operations.
  • Funding strategies and targets.
(with the Treasurer & Heirisson Board)
b)   Integrating assessment of the range of potential funding strategies into the planning stage of each project, that is:

  • Grants, donations, sponsorships.
  • Direct fundraising.
(with Project Managers)
2.     Keep Heirisson members informed of the Club’s financial strategy and budget status. Heirisson Board & Treasurer
(with Project Leader Communication)


Updated: 2015-07