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Programs, Projects and Relationships

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Some definitions

Portfolio Relationships Program Project
Heirisson’s total set of programs and projects that deliver our Vision A strategic, ongoing relationship of value to Heirisson, which from time-to-time may involve projects An ongoing coherent set of inter-related projects with a particular relationship ‘partner’ or over time A set of planned interrelated activities, tasks or collaborative work intended to achieve a particular aim, to be finished over a fixed period, and within certain cost, resource constraints and other limitations.
For Example: Foodbank WA, Jade Lewis & Friends, Kimberley Dental Team Rotary Youth Exchange and Youth Programs Salvation Army Christmas Appeal


Characteristics of a Heirisson Project

  • Finite (a beginning and an end)
  • Achievable
  • Defined outcome
  • Measurable benefit
  • Project champion
  • Acknowledgement for Heirisson (and/or)
  • Recognition for Rotary
  • May be in partnership with others
  • May be annual


An ongoing project is usually called (or evolves into) a program.

Our Criteria for Assessing Projects

Benefits of doing the project Resourcing Managing Risks
  • Makes a measurable difference
  • Empowers beneficiaries; has sustainable outcomes
  • Achieves recognition for Heirisson and/or Rotary
  • Is part of an ongoing, mutually beneficial relationship
  • Resources required versus benefits delivered
  • Capacity for leverage (eg: extending our contribution through grants and/or partnerships)
  • Capacity to deliver
  • Availability of a committed project champion
  • Tangible support within Heirisson (especially passion and emotional commitment)


Updated: 2015-07