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Heirisson Website Redevelopment

Details Directorate: Club Services

Project Leader: Warwick Smith (Interim)

Code: ???

Funds Required: ???

Total Hours pa: 200

Member Involvement: Director and Project Leader updates, and member input/comments

Initial Submission: December 2014

Project Approval: February 2015

Review Date: 31 July 2015

Status: Ongoing


Description Heirisson’s original website served us well for a decade. But changed in technology, and a need for a new ‘look and feel’ have resulted in us building a new site using WordPress. Read more …


We are redeveloping the Heirisson site (and related websites?) by building a new and modern mobile-friendly website framework, using WordPress, that can be hosted with a more cost-effective provider.


There are many organisations using, developing and supporting WordPress around the world. This makes it a lot easier to get support and continually enhance and evolve/upgrade the site.


Develop a new modern looking theme aligned with the new Rotary Style Guide published earlier this year. The new site will be a lot easier to use so that more club members can add content on a regular basis. The more participation in adding content the more relevant the site is and valuable to the club members and associates. We will reduce our annual hosting from $695 per year to US$120 per year. (Q-AU$ options?)



· To increase public awareness of Heirisson Rotary in our area (Claisebrook/East Perth/Perth CBD & environs) and with ‘like-minded’ Rotary clubs and potential strategic partners and allies (especially professional, community and business leaders and potential contributors of funds and in kind services)

· To communicate better with our members and with our local community and other stakeholders.

· To utilize communications to assist in the club’s other strategies, such as membership recruitment.


For further details see the website overview/design specification attached.


Also see Rotary International’s style/branding guidelines Tell Rotary’s Story – Voice and Visual Identity Guidelines (547Aen) and Quick Start Guide for Club Websites


Heirisson’s role and criticality to success In a digital era, our club’s web presence is crucial to communications with our members, other Rotary clubs and districts (in WA, Australia and globally), with current and prospective strategic allies and project partners, and with the wider public generally. It is core to our being in a digital era.


Other Options Considered · Stay where we are (PositionMeOnline) – No longer viable!

· Use WA district-preferred options (StreamScape, Club Runner etc)

· Third-party development (eg:,,,, etc)


Existing or Proposed Project/ Program? Proposed Project (redeveloping existing site)
Part of a strategic relationship or partnering/ alliance? Only if district or third-party options are used.

[However associated with other club-related/ally sites such as CC&DD, PoR/HHF, Give A Feed, Sox Appeal (?) etc]

What difference will the Project/ Program make? · The clubs website is an important communication tool, it is strategic to the recruitment of new members and for communication with members and other interested parties.

· Make the site accessible to mobile platforms


Other Benefits (Include sustainability of benefits, fun to do, recognition for Heirisson) Sustainable:   This will provide a better platform to collate the club’s activities and benefits delivered

Fun to Do:  It will make the club appear modern, and hopefully thinking and acting that way too!

Recognition:  A ‘state of the art’ site helps position Heirisson once again ‘ahead of the Rotary pack’!

Other:          It will increase the use of the site and therefore make it a valuable tool for our members


Resources Required  

Dates or Expected timeframe A functional initial site will take three months to complete
People & Skills We will engage a web developer to create the new site and migrate the content. Club member input/review will be useful to update directorate information and provide new content where appropriate
Funds and Funding Source The estimated Club Operations budget for this project is $ ???



Implementation Risks · Priorities may differ across Directorates and Projects etc

· Generational/demographic differences can affect preferences

· Over-scoping initial functionality

· Technology rather than users’ needs drives site

· Not all of the content may translate effectively and therefore need to be re-written.


Board Assessment Benefit Assessment


Making a measurable difference          Strong

Achieving sustainable outcomes         Moderate-Strong

Be fun to do                                                     Moderate-Strong

Gain recognition for Heirisson              Strong


Resource Assessment                                Medium


Risk Assessment                                          Medium-High


Board Recommendation & Comments  


Date: February 2015

Governance Level Required Medium