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Headquarters – A World-Class Youth Facility (Completed)

Details Directorate: Community

Project Leader: Liz Pattison, xxx


Documented: ??? (where? Website?)

Project Team: 3-5

Total Hours pa: (??)

Member Involvement: various members on specific tasks and events etc

Approved: ?? 199#

Status: Completed November 2004


Description HeadQuarters (HQ) gives young people their own place close to the city by providing facilities for a range of activities including skateboarding, mountain bikes, urban art, Internet cafe, climbing wall, music, dance, publishing, photography and events. It is a $3m+ leading edge, multi purpose youth facility that had its formal opening on 23 February 2002.


Key areas of service delivery were skating, art, internet / information technology and training, within an innovative youth development framework.


HeadQuarters is a Centre of Excellence and provides services and activities for young people in a safe environment. The concept for the facility was developed from a comprehensive survey of over 600 young people undertaken to understand young people’s views and expectations and their needs in relation to youth facilities.


Civic concepts of ‘citizenship’ (belonging, empowerment, responsibility etc) underpinned the project. Young people took key roles by being involved in the planning, implementation and operation of youth facilities and services in our society.


The 1st of November 2004 marked the next stage of HeadQuarters evolution, when the Rotary Club of Heirisson, as members of the HeadQuarters Board, played a key role in the handover of the facility to the YMCA to enable HeadQuarters to grow and develop to its full potential.


Heirisson’s role and criticality to success


Heirisson initiated and had an ongoing involvement in guiding the success of HeadQuarters .


Part of a strategic relationship or partnering/alliance? It was the result of more than five years work by the key partners – the Rotary Club of Heirisson, the Town of Vincent, Lotterywest and the Skateboarding Association of WA (SKAWA).


Memoranda of Agreement and close working relationships were developed with the WA Police Service and Central Metropolitan College of TAFE.


What difference will the Project/Program make? Programs and Benefits


HeadQuarters :

·     provides innovative development and training programs for young people, including opportunities to:

·     participate in leading-edge training and employment initiatives linked to State and Federal Government programs;

·     organise a range of events and performances, including international-standard skateboarding competitions;

·     teach other young people (for example skateboarders offering alternative sports programs for local schools);

·     develop skills in information and communications technologies, including Web design and eCommerce; and

·     participate in a permaculture projects.

·     fosters young musicians and artists, providing opportunities for these young people to develop and showcase their talents;

·     encourages a volunteer ethos in young people by involvement in community service activities at HeadQuarters and within the wider community;

·     delivers a wide range of YMCA youth programs, services and advice relevant to the needs of young people; and

·     creates a safe, drug and alcohol free, environment for a range of recreational and leisure activities, fostering a sense of ownership and belonging.


The outcomes are proving be far-reaching as a result of developing the potential of young people and creating a positive image of youth. HeadQuarters is the first facility of its kind and provides a model for other facilities throughout Western Australia.


Other Benefits (Include sustainability of benefits, fun to do, recognition for Heirisson) The project also provides an example of the way in which Rotary can work in partnership with others, leveraging the skills and networks of its members for significant community benefit.



Updated: 2011-02