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Jade Lewis & Friends

Details Directorate: Community

Project Leader: Liz Pattison

Code: C2

Documented: Yes (with Liz???)

Funds Required: Nil

Project Team: 1

Member Involvement: N/A

Approved: October 2013

Status: Ongoing (in Hiatus)




Jade Lewis & Friends is a voluntary, incorporated organisation providing drug education in schools and prisoner education/rehabilitation services.


Drug education programs have been delivered to 100,000 students over the years. In 2012/13 the organisation presented education (Just Say No) to 200 schools and delivered 6 x pre and post release prison support programs helping up to 50 women every week.


Some government funding is received for in-prison programs and pre and post release mentoring.


The Heirisson project provides professional support to Jade Lewis & Friends as requested.


Heirisson’s role and criticality to success


·     In October 2013 Liz Pattison facilitated the update of the organisation’s strategic plan, a plan that Liz originally developed. This is was only planned activity for the 2013/14 year, although other requests for business mentoring and/or facilitation are likely to be received from time to time.

·     In the past, Heirisson previously had a member as Chair of the Jade Lewis & Friends Board (Paul Faix); Sue McKenna assisted with proof reading and editing of publications; and Liz Pattison provided a range of business expertise. Donations have been made to Jade Lewis & Friends by Rotary Club of Heirisson and individual Heirisson members.

·     Heirisson’s role assists, but is not critical to the success of Jade Lewis & Friends.


Part of a strategic relationship or partnering/alliance? ·     Ongoing relationship.
What difference will the Project/Program make? Assists the Board and Executive of Jade Lewis & Friends to achieve their goals in drug education and prisoner support, including pre and post release mentoring.