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Place of Reflection Phase 2

Details Directorate: Community

Project Leader: Liz Pattison

Code: C3

Documented: Yes (project papers etc?)

Funds Required: Nil (Lotterywest Grant $100,000)

Project Team: 2

Hours PA: 52

Member Involvement: N/A

Approved: Oct 2013

Status: Phase 2 Completed (Phase 3 Ongoing)


Description Phase 2 of the Place of Reflection (PoR) provided the PoR Consortium with consultancy services to deliver a communication strategy, demonstration events and evaluation for the PoR.


Walker Shanley were again involved in assisting PoR Phase 2, and Liz Pattison again project managed the Consortium.


This project was funded by a further $100,000 Lotterywest grant. As required by Lotterywest, the CEO of Botanical Gardens & Parks Authority (BGPA), Mark Webb, played a key role in PoR Phase 2.


Mark continues to have a role in the ongoing evolution of the PoR. After retiring as CEO of Lotterywest, Jan Stewart became patron of the PoR.


Heirisson currently retains a balance of the Phase 2 Lotterywest grant. These funds are applied at the direction of the Consortium to ongoing promotion of public awareness of the PoR.


Heirisson’s role and criticality to success


Heirisson’s role was critical to PoR Phase 2 because Heirisson was responsible for the $100,000 Lotterywest grant and lead the project and acquitted the Lotterywest grant in keeping with Lotterywest requirements and project objectives.


[Link to Phase 3]


Other Options Considered


Delivery of the services by the Consortium organisations on a volunteer basis, which was not considered viable.


Existing or Proposed Project/Program?


Part of a strategic relationship or partnering/alliance?


Strategic relationship with the PoR Consortium and BGPA (CEO, Mark Webb). This relationship dates back to 2005 when the initial feasibility study for PoR was carried out and continued through the $1m+ project to build and launch PoR.


What difference will the Project/Program make?


·     Increased awareness of PoR and its benefits by those suffering loss, and those who provide services to this group (support groups, counsellors, social workers, hospitals, funeral directors, clergy etc).

·     Increased visits to PoR by those suffering loss (individuals, families and groups).

·     Ultimately, the aim is that by raising the profile of PoR and its benefits, the unique environment of PoR will be accessed and bring peace, renewal, comfort, hope and healing for those suffering loss.


Other Benefits (Include sustainability of benefits, fun to do, recognition for Heirisson)


·     Sustainability strategies for ongoing promotion of PoR are a deliverable of this project, (including management of the PoR website), recognising that the PoR Consortium is not a formal entity and may not be ongoing.

·     The project is fun for all involved in the PoR Consortium where there is great camaraderie and passion.

·     Heirisson is recognised on all publicity materials, event invitations, etc and on the PoR website.



Note: On completion of the above project a new Project Registration will be developed for ongoing work to raise awareness of PoR involving Rotary Club of Heirisson and the PoR Consortium.