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Anzac Centenary Commemorations

40-International-ANZAC-Sunrise-BadgeWith the First World War (WWI) and Anzac centenary upon us, we hope to plan a variety of specific projects, activities and ‘events’ around Anzac Days and Armistice Days from 2014/5 to 2018/9, in Claisebrook-East Perth area, with Mt Lawley Senior High School (MLSHS),  Girrawheen Senior High School (GSHS) and other schools and groups around our area .

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Directorate: International &/or Youth & Vocational Services

Project Leader: TBD Status: Program-In Review (Proposed Project/s)
Initial Approval: February 2015 Review Dates:  31 March & December 2015


Description Charles Poublang, our 2014-15 Rotary Youth Exchange student’s home-town is Hazebrouck in France, site of a major Anzac battle in April 1918. (At least one Mt Lawley local, from Walcott Street, is buried in Hazebrouck military cemetery.)  Hazebrouck is roughly 30km from Fromelles and Pheasant Wood, site of probably the most tragic losses in Australian military history. The lost Diggers of Pheasant Wood provide an evocative contemporary story of the tragedy of war but also of military archives, research and community engagement, modern forensics, DNA science and sheer persistence of those involved. (Kerry Stokes and Channel 7 have particular interest in this area.)Charles was keen on pursuing the concept, and will contact his father (who is a secondary technical school principal) about the likelihood of an inter-school ‘event’. Prospects of linking students between our two countries are worth exploring. (A 2015 event could potentially involve Marie Badoche as well.)Both the acting and permanent MLSHS Principals expressed interested in pursuing possibilities, particularly given the unique ‘alignment’ with Charles at the school this Rotary year. Milton Butcher (an Army Reserve officer and Morley Rotarian, ex Deputy at Girrawheen SHS)has given unequivocal ‘in principle’ support if we can line something up practically, which appears highly likely.The exact nature of any event has yet to be resolved, but expect that in addition to the Gallipoli centenary, some focus would particularly be put on Anzac battles on the Western Front (especially Hazebrouck, and potentially Fromelles)*. Another key focus could be on Diggers and other service personnel (men and women) who served (and fell) with a connexion to the Mt Lawley area. (The AIF Project/ADFA/UNSW database now makes it possible to locate many WWI service personnel to specific addresses.)Clearly any arrangements would need to be practical between the schools and Rotary and other contacts involved, and we would need to consider questions of timing etc, especially the implications of a seven hour time difference for any interactive video-link up (Skype etc). Possibilities exist for further WWI centenary initiatives into 2018-19.Very basic research identifies photos of around 30 WWI diggers with local connexions, one of whom later became an MLA for Mt Lawley and went on to serve in WWII. The AIF Project identifies 294 people from Mt Lawley served, and 336 listed themselves or their ‘next of kin’ as from Mt Lawley. (Many returning personnel resided in Mt Lawley in their later lives, particularly in veterans’’ homes etc.)With the Australian War Memorial rolls of honour, military service embarkation and nominal rolls, National Archives and Alfa’s ‘The AIF Project’, online photo archives and local information etc, it is now possible to identify particular residents (or next of kin) and their places of residence. (Options include user-funded plaques on streets or homes.)

The Mt Lawley Society, Australian War Memorial (AWM), Commonwealth War Graves Commission (CWGC) and Army Museum of WA (AMWA), and several key WWI information sites have been approached and most have already given consent to the use of relevant data (service and burial records, photos etc) in their custody.

The possibility of including visuals, artefacts or other material that may be held by or available to AMWA, the RSL or WA War Memorial in Kings Park, Cities of Perth or Stirling, etc could be most useful.


  • To foster public awareness of Rotary’s involvement with youth and international service.
  • To foster global inter-school networking, by developing a working ‘case example’.
  • To engage Rotary and the community in WWI centenary commemorations of a defining period in our national consciousness.

* For further details see April 2015 presentation concept outline.


Our Role
(Heirisson’s role and criticality to success)
  • To liaise with MLSHS, the Rotary Clubs of Mt Lawley, Morley and Hazebrouck-Merville, (District 1520) to facilitate an event in April 2015 and foster contact with AWM, CWGC, Lawley Society, WA Army Museum and other potential stakeholders.
  • To consider wider possibilities in the years to 2018-19, including potential visits in April and/or November 2018.

Heirisson is not crucial to project success if other clubs/groups embrace the concept.


(Other Options Considered)
Details of any April 2015 event have yet to be resolved, and subsequent events are contingent on agreement between the respective stakeholders.
(Part of a strategic relationship or partnering/ alliance?)
Any 2015 event relies on tactical collaboration, but ongoing events (particularly potentialities for any 2018 visits to France) would benefit from well-understood strategic relationships.
Key Benefits
(What difference will the Project/ Program make?)
Developing global contacts for collaborating schoolsFostering greater practical understanding of world history and impact of global events on subsequent generationsFostering world peace and global understanding (core to Rotary’s objects and our Foundation’s strategic priorities etc)
Other Benefits
(Include sustainability of benefits, fun to do, recognition for Heirisson)
Sustainable: The project(s) have a defined life-cycle into 2018-19, but longevity beyond that period is doubtful. However, relationships built between clubs and districts have wider implications for inter-school global networking (Skype etc) and potentially for the Youth Exchange Program etc.
Fun to Do: Working with students, schools and clubs overseas etc can be fun!
Recognition: Significant potential for Heirisson/Rotary recognition and media attention around Perth, WA and Australia (and France etc).
Other: Rotary seen to be contributing to iconic centenary celebrations.


Resources Required
Dates/Expected timeframe Initially in the period to late April 2015.Potentially until 2018-19, if wider possibilities are pursued
People & Skills
  • Club liaison, facilitation and coordination.Collaboration, negotiation and community/stakeholder engagement skills
  • Potential technical/IT skills for presentation(s), video-conferencing etc
  • Basic research skills
Funds & Funding Source
  • Initially, out of pocket expenses for any research or presentation expenses (currently expected to be minor) from Charitable Funds. (Small donations to volunteer/not-for-profit groups actively utilised in the project may also be appropriate.)
  • Potentially, if 2018 visits become a possibility, sponsorship of students (say $4500 each) but most students expected to fund from family, schools or community contributions


Implementation Risks
  • Non-collaboration/cooperation (especially close to event date) from key stakeholders at schools, or elsewhere in WA or France
  • Unavailability of key people at key times
  • Competing school/club/stakeholder priorities
  • Technology failure at the event (if presentation or video-conferencing etc used)


Board Assessment Benefit Assessment

  • Making a measurable difference
  • Achieving sustainable outcomes
  • Be fun to do
  • Gain recognition for Heirisson
Resource Assessment Medium
Risk Assessment Medium


Board Recommendation & Comments  Date:  February 2015
Governance Level Required Medium



Updated: 2015-02