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Rotary Youth Exchange (RYE) – Inbound & Outbound

Details Directorate: International

Project Leader: David Cleary

Code: I2

Documented: Yes (RYE Manuals)

Funds Required: $4,000 pa

Project Team: 4 (plus 3-4 host families)

Total Hours pa: ~3,000 (plus host families)

Members Involvement: Hosting RYE student to dinners and outings

Approved: Oct 2013


Description Rotary Youth Exchange involves Heirisson choosing a bright, well- adjusted young person (typically 16-17) and organizing for them to spend a year abroad living with a series of Rotary-sponsored host families in another country (“outbound”).


Similarly Heirisson hosts a young person from another country by finding them a school and accommodation in Perth for a year with a series of host families (“inbound”).


Rotary undertakes to give these young people a wide exposure to the culture and lifestyle of the host country.


The principal purpose for the Australian going abroad is to act as a Youth Ambassador for Australia. They are also to inform their host community of the Australian way of life and build better international understanding and goodwill. Similarly for inbound exchanges.


Heirisson’s role and criticality to success ·     Heirisson selects an Australian outbound student every year and accepts an inbound from a participating country

·     Heirisson finds a school and families to host an inbound student

·     Were Heirisson not to do this, there would be one less outbound and one less inbound student every year.


Part of a strategic relationship or partnering/alliance? No strategic relationship involved (ongoing interaction with various districts in Europe, Scandinavia, Asia and the Americas through District RYE committee)


What difference will the Project/Program make? The main difference is that future leaders who have been involved in RYE will have empathy with other cultures, a strong social conscience, a desire to make the world a better place and an international network of like-minded people to call upon in this endeavour.
Other Benefits (Include sustainability of benefits, fun to do, recognition for Heirisson) Heirisson host families and indeed all club members have the opportunity to learn about the culture and lifestyle of the other country from the inbound student.