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Francois-Antoine Boniface Heirisson (FAB) Award

Details Directorate: Vocational (& Youth)

Project Leader: Allan McLean

Code: Y2

Documented: Yes (with Allan McLean)

Funds Required: $1000/award pa

Project Team: 1

Total Hours pa: 5

Member Involvement: Small team to evaluate applications

Approved: Oct 2013

Status: Ongoing




The FAB Award is a Heirisson initiative to fund young people aged between 14 and 21 years for specific initiatives which further their education and development, focusing on “a life-changing experience that will equip them for a future of ongoing contribution to our community, whatever their chosen vocation”.


This opportunity is intended for young people regardless of their origins, history or past experience.


Nominators are encouraged to propose candidates who may not have always led perfect lives. Candidates will be someone meritorious, in the assessment panel’s opinion, and deserving of special support. They may have been nominated unsuccessfully for another Rotary program (NYSF, RYLA, etc). More details are in the brochure:


FAB Heirisson Award Nomination Form, Brochure (84 kb)


The Award was introduced to specifically assist students who are very deserving but because of their circumstances keep missing out on opportunities. This includes students who are nominated but do not compete as well as students from more affluent areas and so continually miss out.


To avoid repeating this disappointment, students are not told they have been nominated.


The Award is $1,000 for one student per annum, which may increase if sponsors are found. There is an existing nomination form.


Heirisson’s role and criticality to success This is a Heirisson-owned initiative and Heirisson is critical to its success. It is a special award and one of which Heirisson is justifiably proud.


Part of a strategic relationship or partnering/alliance? The intent is that the FAB Award will be part of the strategic relationship being developed with Girrawheen Senior High School but nominations are also sought from other sources.


What difference will the Project/Program make? Provide recognition, hope and encouragement for worthy students who typically miss out on opportunities, with benefits for the students’ education, development and self esteem.


Other Benefits (Include sustainability of benefits, fun to do, recognition for Heirisson) ·     Youth development opportunities typically lead to sustainable benefits for the students involved.

·     The project is sustainable so long as Heirisson has tenacity in sourcing applicants. (The aim initially is to focus on Girrawheen Senior High School.)

·     The project brings “heart-warming” stories that touch all Heirisson members.

·     Recognition for Heirisson occurs at the time of presentation of the Award, eg at a school assembly. Wider publicity could possibly be achieved.



Q – add Mt Lawley SHS – Science Scholarship ?