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  • AUG 31 - Jim Jenkinson - Nursing Homes
  • SEP 7 - Theodore De Gee Mode Group - Waste Disposal
  • 14 – DG Lindsay Dry at Rotary Club of Crawley (UWA Club)
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  • SEPTEMBER - Basic Education & Literacy Month
  • Oct 7 - Charity Auction Dinner @ Lake Karrinyup Country Club
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Welcome to Heirisson’s new WordPress website.  This site is currently undergoing redevelopment, and thus operating in ‘beta’ mode, so feedback from users is particularly welcomed.  (No guinea pigs have been harmed in site-testing. We use members instead.) Willing club members are testing aspects of this site, which will evolve over time as user needs are identified and technology (especially new ‘plug-ins’) is enhanced.

Thanks Ken!

Heirisson Rotary would like to thank Ken Bird of Ken Bird Designs for his technical and creative assistance in making our new site possible.

Your Privacy

Privacy Statement

Heirisson Rotary appreciates the importance of privacy to all of our web-site visitors. We have a commitment to protecting your privacy and ensuring that use of our web site is a safe and rewarding experience.

Information Use and Disclosure

Any confidential information you provide, either by way of the web or any other means is kept strictly confidential to relevant responsible officers within our club. The content of our user database is not available in any form to any third parties, nor is any portion of it accessible on-line to unauthorised users.

How We Handle Electronic Mail

We will preserve the content of any e-mail that you send us only if we are legally required to do so. We record your e-mail address as part of our confidential contact database.

Information Security

Heirisson takes all reasonable care to preserve the security of personal information submitted via the Heirisson web site. Heirisson also takes the necessary steps to preserve the security of all information in our contact database. Our web-team regularly reviews developments in security and encryption technologies.

However, at this time no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed as totally secure. Therefore, Heirisson cannot guarantee the security of any information you transmit to us or receive from us and you do so at your own risk. For this reason we prefer to conduct commercial transactions (eg: online payments, bookings etc) through third parties that specialise in electronic commerce.

Legal Cautions


The copyright on original information contained in this site belongs to the Rotary Club of Heirisson Inc. (a member of Rotary International). By accessing this site, you agree not to infringe any copyright in the information contained in this site by copying, downloading, re-transmitting or disseminating any of the copyrighted material for commercial use. Original material may be accessed for non-commercial used by source acknowledgement.

Copyright in some material may reside with Rotary International, or Rotary regions, districts or clubs, or affiliated, allied or associated partners or allied organizations. Acknowledgement is hereby provided to those organizations for any such material accessed from this site.


While we endeavour to keep our site updated, Heirisson does not guarantee the accuracy of any information contained in the web pages or documents contained in this site.

Information provided in this site is provided “as is” without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose and freedom from infringement.

The person or entity accessing the information assumes the entire risk as to the accuracy and the use of the information contained in these web pages and documents.

Heirisson accepts no liability for any indirect or consequential loss or damage, or for any loss of data, profit, revenue or business (whether direct or indirect) in each case, however caused, even if foreseeable. In circumstances where you suffer loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the viewing, use or performance of our site, Heirisson accepts no liability for this loss or damage whether due to inaccuracy, error, omission or any other cause and whether on the part of Heirisson or any other person or entity.

Domain Registration

This domain is registered to Rotary Club of Heirisson Inc. (a Member of Rotary International).

ABN: 65 385 589 482

See “Contact Us” for contact options.


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