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  • AUG 31 - Jim Jenkinson - Nursing Homes
  • SEP 7 - Theodore De Gee Mode Group - Waste Disposal
  • 14 – DG Lindsay Dry at Rotary Club of Crawley (UWA Club)
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  • SEPTEMBER - Basic Education & Literacy Month
  • Oct 7 - Charity Auction Dinner @ Lake Karrinyup Country Club
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User Registration

If you are an existing member and have registered, you can log in using your user-name and password.
Look in the Footer under Site Admin. Otherwise complete your registration as below.

Introduction Skip to User Registration

Registration is restricted to members of the Rotary Club of Heirisson (or others specifically approved by Heirisson’s board, either individually or as groups).

NB: To access this feature, click on “User Registration” at the left of the top menu of the Heirisson website.

Once your registration is completed an email will be sent to you as the registrant, at your nominated email address.
The site moderator approves each registration and activates each new user.
An email is then sent to the registrant with a user-name and password, with an invitation to log into the website.
Following login the user may change their password. (If you do, please REMEMBER it!)


Migrating Heirisson’s website from Business Catalyst to WordPress allows introduction of “plug-ins”, features that offer more advanced options and design flexibilities not previously available.

The design process considered simply issuing members with user-names and passwords, but it was considered preferable to allow members to complete their own new user registration. (This also enables capture and updating of changes to contact information.)

User Registration – Your User-Name and Password

This process allows each member to choose his or her own user-name and password.  For consistency, your user-name should preferably formatted by your Given-name followed by the first capital of your Surname, for example ‘JoeB’ or ‘JaneD’. (Some users may have the same given-name, or surname, but cannot have the same user-name.)

Once you have created a user-name it cannot be changed. However, after logging in, you will be able to change your password and contact information (eg: mobile number or email address etc), your “Active Member Profile”, and later other content pages assigned to you as a site-user.

When you set (and if you change) your password, please remember it!

NB: User-names and passwords are Case-sensitive. Check your Cap-lock key!

Registration is managed by a Webmaster/Moderator who (using available plug-ins) directs each registering user to specific pages that require the user’s attention. (Later we hope this will enable us to remind users to look at particular pages, especially key changes etc, when logging in.)

NB: The user-registration process enables maintenance of current contact information for all users. (Registered users can update their contact information whenever required.)

Your Active Member Profile Set-Up

The Moderator will set up a template format for your “Active Member Profile” page and link it to you as the user. (You can then update the text content as you wish.)

NB: The moderator may make minor changes or corrections to maintain the quality and consistency of site information and presentation, and will add in graphics and other member/user ‘metadata’ as necessary.

User Validation & Confirmation

Once your registration is validated, and your profile page is set-up for content-entry, you will shortly receive an email confirmation (hopefully well within 24 hours). You can then login and access your member profile (and later certain pages that will only be visible to registered users).

NB: Using available plug-ins, certain pages could later be assigned to club officers or avenue of service directors, or delegated project leaders or team members (as ‘page custodians’) for their own review/edit/update of the relevant content of those pages.


Becoming a Registered User

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Updated: 2015-08